• ADDA to host design review drop-in event Tuesday, June 7
  • Event will be from 5 to 7 pm at Newberry Hall
  • Design display will be posted throughout the venue
  • Comment and suggestion cards and drop boxes will be available at each display session to register feedback
  • Raines Development architect Stephen Overcash and Project Manager Brandon Graham will be present
  • AMDC’s Tim O’Briant will be present along with developers for individual and small group discussions


1. ODA Architecture’s first design, pictured below, has seen major changes based on Aiken’s feedback. This graphic illustrates what they’ve heard and what they’ve changed in response. The images that follow are those newly proposed designs.

2. Major revisions made in attempt to “soften” the hotel’s look

3. Pedestrian perspective of revisions made to better capture the “Aiken Look” the community has requested from architects

4. Street view of outdoor dining area at corner of Laurens Street and Richland Avenue

5. Hotel design reduced to fit the scale of existing Hotel Aiken
Hotel Aiken height compared to newly planned design.

The Raines Development Company has released an image of the hotel they hope to build superimposed with the current height of the hotel Aiken. Based on public feedback the designers have reduced the hotel to four stories in just 46 feet instead of of the originally proposed five stories and 55 feet. Raines estimates they will invest $25 million to build the 100 room hotel as shown.

6. New proposal returns two-way traffic and parking to Newberry Street, re-establishing full historic grid