Downtown Redevelopment Plan One

The South Carolina Redevelopment Law requires the AMDC to prepare plans and present them to Aiken CIty Council for approval before proceeding with projects in a specific area. Click this link to review Redevelopment Plan One approved by City Council in 2020.

Economic Development Master Plan

The City of Aiken engaged AECOM and a team of economists and urban planners to develop an action plan for economic development based on the strengths, weaknesses and needs of the City of Aiken Community. Review the finding here.

HVS Conference Center Demand Study

The City of Aiken engaged HVS to study the demand for a Conference Center in downtown Aiken. The national known group found robust market opportunities for the proposed facility . Review the finding here.

AECOM Hotel + Conference Center + Municipal Garage: Market & Financial Findings 07.12.2021

Expert team of economists and urban planners conducted an analysis of redevelopment proposal to examine the financial feasibility of the project.

2016 Strategic Plan Outlines Strategies

As part of the City’s enrollment in the Main Street USA program, this strategic plan for improving downtown commerce and livability was created.

2018 Rental Housing Study

Report explores existing conditions and available rental housing units and price points in the local market and highlights the need for additional units in the area.


Urban3 ROI Presentation

Joseph Minicozzi takes a deep dive into the potential return on investment related to redeveloping downtown property, especially along the lines of Aiken’s proposed Project Pascalis.


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